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Empty Frame @ Gagarin 205 photo report

12/03/11 |

Formed in 2005, Empty Frame have become one of the most talked-about bands of the Alternative Greek scene. They've played some of the most prominent venues in Athens (Kyttaro, An (...)

Sivert Høyem @ Gagarin 205 photo report

12/03/11 |

Sivert Høyem Gallery here

Sivert Høyem (born 22 January 1976) is a Norwegian singer, best known as the vocalist of the rock band Madrugada. After the band broke up due to the (...)

New photos from Sivert Hoyem @ Gagarin 205 coming up..

12/01/11 |

What more can you say about this guy.. Such a wonderful deep voice and brilliance in his creations way back from Madrugada until now, solo, for the last couple years..

I think (...)