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My Wet Calvin @ Fuzz photo report

03/24/2012 |

My Wet Calvin gallery here

My Wet Calvin, also known as Leon and
Aris, two 29-year-old Athenians,
is one of the most distinguished bands in Greece, as well as an
archetypical specimen of the local scene. One day they are
guitar-smashing Easter bunnies, breaking a guitar over the head of the
owner of the hippest underground club in town and the next they are idle
flower pots standing completely still, through the whole night.


dEUS @ Fuzz photo report

03/24/2012 |

Formed in 1991, Deus began its career as a cover band, but soon began writing its own material. Their musical influences range from folk and punk to jazz and prog rock. They first came to attention in Humo's Rock Rally of 1992 and after the release of the four-track EP "Zea", Deus was offered a recording contract with Island Records. They became the first Belgian indie act ever to sign to a major international label.

Deus' debut album Worst Case Scenario drew influences from Frank Zappa, Tom (...)

dEUS @ Fuzz

03/18/2012 |

Photos will be added soon!

I was glad to have dEUS back in Greece again.. I had lost touch with all their work after the Ideal Crash album but last night was a good oportunity to catch up with them. They remain stunning as i knew they would be.

I had the opportunity to listen to the support band My Wet Calvin as well that impressed me more than i did expecting. Theis post rock sounds and their special appearence in bunny and piggy suits was an absolute excitement.

Empty Frame @ Gagarin 205 photo report

12/03/2011 |

Formed in 2005, Empty Frame have become one of the most talked-about bands of the Alternative Greek scene. They've played some of the most prominent venues in Athens (Kyttaro, An club), taken part in several festivals and have supported international acts such as Woven Hand and Sieben. Their live shows have got them great reviews and a lot of attention.

Sivert Høyem @ Gagarin 205 photo report

12/03/2011 |

Sivert Høyem Gallery here

Sivert Høyem (born 22 January 1976) is a Norwegian singer, best known as the vocalist of the rock band Madrugada. After the band broke up due to the death of Robert Burås in 2007, he has enjoyed success as a solo artist and is also a member of The Volunteers with whom he released the album Exiles in 2006.

New photos from Sivert Hoyem @ Gagarin 205 coming up..

12/01/2011 |

What more can you say about this guy.. Such a wonderful deep voice and brilliance in his creations way back from Madrugada until now, solo, for the last couple years..

I think this new hobby becomes a part time job (unpaid though) that i seem to enjoy it more and more each time..

Peter Hook @ Gagarin 205 photo report

11/26/2011 |

Peter Hook Gallery Here

Peter Hook, legendary bassist of both Joy Division and later New Order, has decided to honour the outstanding work of his first band and the undoubted genius of the late Ian Curtis by giving people the opportunity to hear both of Joy Division's masterpiece albums, "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer", live and in their entireties. Backed by his new band The Light, Hooky first played "Unknown Pleasures" at the super cool Factory club in Manchester on May 18th & 19th 2010, (...)

New photos from Peter Hook @ Gagarin 205 coming up soon...

11/24/2011 |

I got a request from a colleague to photoshoot a live concert of Peter Hook, ex bassist of the legendary Joy division and New Order with his current band "the light", on behalf of a webzine (www.rockoverdose.gr). I gotta say i was a bit nervous in the beggining since it was my first time shooting a concert but excited at the same time to work as a designated photographer. Can't say anything more, you will judge the final outcome...